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Immortality Rings

Alex Chiu designed and patented these rings, which he believes will give eternal life - immortality, no less - to the wearer. I've looked closely at his claims, and I've read many testimonials, and I've seen the patent, too. As it happens, I believe that magnetism has a much bigger role in health maintenance than the health services understand. I believe there are real benefits. I've yet to see eternal life, and I'm not really expecting it. But if these products give me more years, and healthier years, then it'll be enough for me.

See our information on the copper bracelet - and special offers for combination orders (save on shipping too!)

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Immortality Rings

Just $28.00 Plastic adjustable. 
Shipping fee $10.00 

Immortality rings
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Neodymium Immortality Rings

Just $39.00. These rings are 21,000 gauss
21 times stronger than the classic rings. 
Shipping fee $10.00 

Neodymium rings

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Make Your Own Rings

Just $9.99. Detailed instructions on making your own rings with ingredients you can buy locally.
We'll send you the online instructions.
Shipping fee $00.00

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