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Copper Bracelets

We supply three different copper products - all are one size fits all.

The slimline bracelet is light, and unobtrusive. Many may prefer the slightly heavier standard copper bracelet, while others will prefer the premium product, a copper bracelet with small magnets added.

Please note that while the item you recieve will be similar to those illustrated, design details will vary.

See our information on Alex Chiu's Immortality Rings - and Value Combination Offers (save on shipping, too!).

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Slimline Copper Bracelet


Shipping fee $10.00

slimline copper bracelet

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Copper Bracelet


Shipping fee $10.00

copper bracelet

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Copper Bracelet with Magnets


Shipping fee $10.00

copper bracelet with magnets
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Prices quoted in US Dollars - Please note: This page is based on an exchange rate of GBP 1.00 = USD 1.60. This will be reviewed periodically, but will rarely match the 'actual' exchange rate, which varies by the minute!

Colours and designs may vary, but style is always as described

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