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Copper - A Brief History

For thousands of years, copper has had a role in medicine and health.

The Ancient Egyptians used it to purify water and treat chest wounds; the Romans used copper for skin conditions.

In more recent times, copper was used until fifty years ago to treat tubercolsis, before the deleopment of antimicrobial drugs.

Copper, in the right quantites, has long been thought to suport the immune system (the body's own defense system), for example, there were reports of copper workers having immunity to cholera during an outbreak 150 years ago.

A search of Pubmed - the medical reseach index - shows that copper has a multitude of uses, and the potential for many more, including cancer therapy, burns and stomach disorders.

Copper and Arthritis

In 1939, Hengarter reported his study of Finnish copper workers. Despite living in a country where arthritis was not uncommon, they appeared to protected - so long as they stayed in the industry.

slimline copper bracelet
slimline copper bracelet

Following reasearch by Sorenson at the University of Arkansas, several studies in the 1970s confirnmed that copper preparations can be very effective in inflammatory diseases. It has been shown that copper combined with anti-inflammatory medicines such as aspirin and ibuprofen, is more effective than the medicines alone. Copper aspirinate has also been shown to avoid ulceration of the stomach that so often follows long-term aspirin use.

Copper Bracelets

For many, many years, copper bracelets for have been worn for the relief of pain in arthritis.

It is an old folk remedy.

It is believed that copper is absorbed by the skin to relieve joint pain.

copper bracelet
copper bracelet

While there is little doubt that some copper is absorbed, none of the scientific studies have confirmed the benefits of copper used in this way - but none have disproved its value, or demonstrated any harm. Copper jewelry is also worn for fashion not function.

Copper and Magnetism

Magnetic therapy has a long history in the treatment of a variety of ailments, and Alex Chiu has utilised this in his rings of eternal life.

Alex focusses on the benefits to the circulation, and his rings are worn at night by many thousands of people..

copper bracelet with magnets
copper bracelet with magnets

Magnetism is believed to stimulate the circulation, helping the blood stream to carry away toxins and damaged materials which cause can pain. By improving the efficiency of the circulation, magnetism may, and help speed recovery time.

Wearing a magnetic bracelet is thought to help the body's natural defences. For this reason, copper bracelets with magnets is a way of combining the therepeutic effects of copper, with the circulation support of magnetism - good for helping with muscle aches and pains, and making arthritic and rheumatic pains much easier to bear.

As well as a range of copper bracelets, we offer a selection of combinations of copper bracelet plus immortality rings

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HEALTH WARNING: Copper Bracelets are not toys. They contain varying amounts of lead and they are NOT suitable for children


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